Poetry,  Vic Stanley


Written by Vic S.
Music by XJS

They out here searchin’
Mining through trash heaps
Where everything is worthless
They’re trying to find some meaning
And ascertain a purpose
The hopelessness is Lynchburg is
More depressing than disturbin’

I’ve been observing this circus
Cults in these churches
Hedonism in their service
Chasing the pleasures of piety
Intoxicated while feigning sobriety

They stagger a little different
They call it walking right
They’re infatuated with missions
They say they’re called by Christ
Who am I to judge it?
I’m wishing them the best

It’s a story that’s as old as time
I know what’s coming next
I see these young boys
They’re thinking that they rediscovered the ancient
I’m amused by these scapes they’re painting
They look for answers to all the wrong questions

They manufacture family feasts and sabbath groups
I wonder what they seek to gain or lose
I wonder what they came to prove
They’re following formulas
That they think are formative…

But it’s a hideous geometry
We’re rupturing the lies
I ain’t have to find my Hebrew roots
I’m rooted in Christ
That means I’m rooted in life

I see these guys trying to implement their practices…
There’s a lot of death around y’all
But by all means,
Continue with the foolishness

I’m watching my generation
Their minds deceived
And inclined to breed
A kind of thing
That’s primed to bring
A sublime disease…

They’ll tell you it’s good for ya…

You’re mistaken if you think that I’m just rappin’

You’re watching the end
Of all I tolerated since I came around here
And stepped on this unholy ground
It just ain’t the same around here
You won’t have to know me now
‘Cause I’ll probably just disappear,

But the flow is sempiternal. . .

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