Poetry,  Vic Stanley


Written by Vic S.


My dogs been through the streets, prisons, and halfway homes
All before we were halfway grown, Heck
We only made it halfway home,
Got distracted by the evils now we’re halfway gone
Praying God will pull us back
‘Cause we was pulled by crack
And money pooled in traps
It’s hard to relax when you came from that

They thinking I’m out of my mind
The way I maneuver this grind
But I’ve been bending time
I ain’t in this for the shine
There’s purposes that fuel the reasons we work like this
Never thought it would hurt like this
But they tell me a prophet isn’t loved in his own town

All this rejection
Just lets us know that we’re doing it right
Your criticism is just projections of your own fears and flaws
We’ll take that all
And carry that weight
Show you how to carve these paths through the deserts and wilderness
We was born in the wilds, this won’t even take a while
Them other cats wasn’t built for this
Real G, check my record
Homie I ain’t pilfer this

Oh! You sick of me,
Well, there ain’t no pill for this
So you just gotta deal with this
I went from trappin’
To rappin’ on the reels with this
My position?
Cats would kill for this

So I’m yelling at them “Bring it on!”
They’re cowards, so I know they ain’t coming alone
Really, they just want to see how things are coming along
They’re spectators, most of life you’re running alone
I went from running in homes (robbing them)
To owning my own
They be talking big business
Well, we’ve been running our own
My eyes are on those who say they’re friends of me,
I’ve been peeping their ways and the games they play

There’s rules to life to live a proper way
Like, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,”
Still, there’s rules to the streets,
I had to live by these,
A couple of chickens (kilos) a week
Will keep you far from poverty

I see your faces and know you’re appalled at me
And all that life has awarded me
You hate that I fall outside of your schemes,
That I don’t follow your rules
And improv on these scenes

I’m from a Kingdom with strange tendencies
Odd liturgies
And prayers for our enemies
Spiritual remedies for soul crushing injuries
Beginning at the finishing
We’ve been entering where the ending be
Where death is just a memory
This is life in the ministry
Our biology is different
But I’m surrounded by those who are kin to me

You couldn’t limit we…

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