Poetry,  Vic Stanley

Dummy Car

Written by Vic S.

Music by leek hussle

Intro: The Stylistics

“Late at night when all the world is safe within their dreams,
I walk the shadows
Late at night an empty feeling creeps within my soul,
I feel so lonely”

I was up early in the mornin’
Was hustlin’ on them corners
I never heeded the warnings’
Them demons was all up on me
It’s heaters (guns) on all my homies
You better off just catching me on my lonely (by myself)

Ain’t nothing about me comely
Ain’t nothing about me phony
These characters claim to have known me,
But I ain’t never seen them
The closest they’ve been to this
Is GTA on the Sony (Grand Theft Auto on Playstation)

I hear what y’all talking ‘bout
I’m thinking they wanna clone me
With some slight alterations and mental adjustments
To kill my rebellious spirit
I’m thinking they wanna own me

Y’all don’t get it…

I seen it
They out here running
I dreamed it
I’m out here gunning
They headed off towards something that’ll never satisfy
Meanwhile we over here laid back
Looking like we started in the sky

But we came up from the mud
Enemies and no love
Them cats just sending us slugs (shotgun bullets)
Hoping that we done

My homie got hit with that shotty (shotgun)
It blew out his lung
He drove himself to the ER
And survived it all
You see what we are
You either ride or fall to stand this tall

Of course, y’all gonna ridicule
I got too hot in the streets
So I had to get a mule
Dummy cars and passphrases
And Handshakes that get you past faces
There’s car chases and handbrakes

Sitting in the Microtel
Bagging up for hours
Smoking on L’s (smoking weed)
Politicking ‘bout power

We don’t got time for the cowards…

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