Poetry,  Vic Stanley


Written by Vic S.


You better be careful, keep messing around and you’ll make me put your name in a song…


They’re dancin’ with the Devil

On the edge of a bevel

These cats look disheveled

Trying to keep step

Over here we some different type of rebels



Children of the promise

This barely cover the scope of it

It’s rarely enough space in these rhymes

To unload the scape of the mind

And y’all can try to reimagine these truths

And put them into a system your souls can compute


But you’re working with the wrong mathematics

An incorrect language

A ragged abacus

What could you accomplish with that haggard apparatus?

Don’t get it twisted bass akwards

Or flip it draw kabssas…

That’s just ‘sass backward’


And you cats better watch your mouths

Before we come around your way and wash them out

We might come ‘round your way and wash you out

I brought the bleach with me

I came this far

And brought the streets with me

I came this fall

And brought the heat with me


Yea, I’m changing the seasons


Y’all enamored by the fantasies contained in your reason

Hammered by insanity that’s restraining your thinking

Stammering and calamity is staining your speaking

Rambling and profanity and pain in your reaching


I’m guessing one day you gonna touch your truth

Just to find out you’ve only touched the roof

Of your shabby little houses

Yet never clutched the sooth

Guess if I give y’all enough rope I won’t have to touch the noose


I truly pray you find what you’re looking for

We been found ours

That’s why we in the kitchen cooking more

This is gourmet

I tried to feed ya sorbet

To cleanse your palate

But y’all content with your mud pies

Touting that you’re above I


YOU STAND 10,000 feet high

The difference is WE FLY


You’re dressed in faded glory (discount Walmart clothes)

The difference is,

We fly (stylish)


You can climb 10,000 feet high,

The difference is we fly


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