Poetry,  Vic Stanley

Born Legend

Written by Vic S.

Music by Tone Jonez

If I ain’t seen it all

I’ve seen enough…

That pain weakens your gut

Your heart turns black,

Then devours the love

The hour draws near

There’s no need drugs

‘Cause what’s to come will leave you numb

I don’t think they ready for it

Their direction is descent

They’re falling toward

A fate that has The Fates applying pressure to their cord

…And they just might cut

I stared Medusa in the eyes

My heart stone

With Versace shades on (Versace’s logo is a Medusa head)

Even she shivered…

Now they see me in the Church like,

“How did this demon get delivered?”

I was destined for secession

From oppression in that kingdom

I was suppressing all the blessings

That were raining down from Heaven

Prince of the Air snatching away my breath and

Suffocating all my brethren

I came up out that valley in Ezekiel 37

The Spirit put that heart of flesh in

It turned me into a weapon

You know what I’m reppin’ (representing)

De Civitate Dei (Latin for “City of God”)

Hell is up out of my way

Snakes greet me with that enchanté

I nonchalantly peel back their face

Watch them turn

Theirs wolves among the sheep

Serpents in the Church

Sharks in the pond

My harpoon is ready,

What do y’all really want?

Since a youngin’ I’ve been the one

Born Legend

Beelzebub attempted to cave my head in

I veered off that pathway to the grave I was treading

Now I drink the blood

And feast on the bread of Heaven

A rosary ‘round my neck

That crucifix sits heavy on my chest

Cross up on my back,

That’s daily

I traverse this path to that holy edifice

A city with foundations that can’t be shaken

I used to be posted right there at the precipice

Staring into the pit at that sulfuric lake and

My reflection is just gazing

Back at me

I wasn’t recognizing what I was facing

That’s why I can’t stand adjacent

To these watered-down Christians

You know what I came from

That’s why I gotta live complete surrender

From January to November

December comes and Advent forces me to remember

That child that came for me

He was Born Legend…

I touch the hem

My will is weak but my faith is strong

I’m empowered by that grace them I’m gone…

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