Poetry,  Vic Stanley

Far Left

Written by Vic S.

I’m that boy that ran through the dope game

Holding propane screaming I’m sane

Devil bout to blow me out my frame

I’m, fully exposed with no shame

Me and the fool one in the same

Hands grab pavement as I’m running in my lane

On all fours, beast-like wild and deranged in my brain

Soul so tainted

Soul painted

So strangely

Soul panging against the walls of this prison

Buried under the dirt of a planet undiscovered

Close to its core

Sealed inside a vault with no locks

Devil mocks

As this odd earth moves too close to its star

Cannister I’m holding succumbs to the pressure

I’m consumed by the flames

With no space to run back


Somehow ended up here


Where they amazed to learn that

I used to run crack

Took G to cook it

He took me down south

Crooked paths through them Carolinas a straight shot

Pull weight off a stray dock

Or cross country at train stops

Either way came by steam engine

I’m pitching that green venom to white women

That cream girl to black men and

That brown boy to whoever’s left sinning

Weed smoke clinging to my levi denim

No joy in the law like a Levite grinning

Avoiding them bars, cuffs, paddy wagons, and back seats of crown vics

Suburban flips fueled by out of town trips


I’m up the street from POTUS

Fiends like locusts

A slight plague

Momma your first borns dead

That explains the flies I swarm with

Drinking blood from the river when that firestorm hit


I draw heat too

Diseased beef I eat through

Lice and gnats in them projects I creep through

Skin boils, them boys feeling froggy

I’m ready to leap too

Claiming vision in this darkness

My sight deceived too

We holler god body

You hit us we bleed through

Fitted caps, white t’s, and clean shoes,

It’s no truth here

Peace boo


It’s the devil or ourselves that we worship

It’s the devil in ourselves that we worship

Born worthless

Born hurtin’

Embracing that pain

I’m Jason Bourne working every angle

Searching for identity,

Begging for indemnity,

Bargaining with the enemy,

Cutting side deals with God

Shoutin’ give me more blessings

I’ll give you none of me in return

No repentance or turn

Cold heart, seared mind

Divine movement cleared mine

Now aware of my depravity

The weight of sin,

The sheer gravity ravaged me

Now it’s new life in Christ

Still these flows haunt ya with my past



I ran streets and moved dope with no conscience

It’s astounding now that I’m so conscious

I live life with no mantras

Only biblical truth on my tongue whenever I confront monsters

Tryna shake ‘em up

Praying God wake ‘em up

From death’s slumber

Like he did I

Gave me eternal life…

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