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Day 36: No Authority

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.


Just some of my thoughts on the danger of young Christian leaders with no accountability, the politicization of Christianity, and the importance of authority; All things that I am guilty of. My ruminations as I have been journeying through Lent.


No Authority 

What do you think we came back for?
I mean the money is useless
The rush just leaves you numb
What do you think of this internal war?
What will it yield when all the fighting is done?
There’s only a few on this battlefield
They’re all killers on paper
But when the writing is done
They ain’t bold enough to pick up guns
They piss themselves when the lighting comes

I gotta tell you…

I’ve seen the same thing in all this Christianity
I wonder what they bring to the table
At the end it seems
That after all the talking & contemplative practice
There’s nothing substantive in all their actions
I mean they lack acting
Yet they’re pros with theatrics
Putting on shows, their mindstate backwards
I say we set fire to their ivory towers

We’re on the road with Christ
Dust on our feet
Nothing to eat
Nowhere to lay our heads, no sleep
Coded pattern of speech that the goats can’t breach
Told them slatterns this king brings hope to thee
Us folks will shatter the dreams of these “popes” to be
They’re puppets on a string with no authority

Heads up their a— is where their glory be
Nothing but addicts
I abhor these fiends
I implore my people to flee the influence of their reach

Break out your cages

Come commune with the saints in these desert places
Come run with the sages
Avoid all those mages
I mean, that’s what these American Christian leaders are
Donkeys & Elephants are the shape of their gods
You know what their virtues are…

They’re liberty and wealth
Knowledge and health
Their foot on the throat of those who cry out for help
They build laws, religious palaces, they build walls
They build justifications to take them higher
That’s just a greater distance to fall

And these religious scholars with all their theory
Well, I’ve never seen them communicate the gospel clearly
Their faces buried in books disconnected from reality
That philosophical thought falls apart in these streets
Life and the devil crushing hearts in these streets
It’s such a murderous scene

‘Round here we simply preach Christ and the hope that He brings
With all power and authority…


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