Poetry,  Vic Stanley


Written by Vic Stanley Jr.



Who knew it would ever come to this?

I tried to run from this

I came from the game

Movin’ (co)caine in the rain

My bane, self-inflicted

Kicked in the pit where death was lifted

Truth I missed it

Ignored it, abhorred it

Evil lorded, me just warring

Pop imploring, get right

Mom crying, insides dying

Me striving, cursing Christ in my mind and

Ran with the gods, that’s what we called ourselves

We ran the streets as minions of the king that rules in Hell

I had to leave, Christ brings peace

(Is it real love)

Or a façade I see


See I couldn’t (no I couldn’t)

Move from this position by will on my own (all on my own?)

Running through this life

Trying not to get killed on my throne

It’s self-erected

It’s lethal ‘round my way baby

Why don’t you step in

And see what it is deceiving these kids

We feed them these airs

Moms cry tears

That prolongs the years before we all become numb to it

We traversed with guns through it

I’m given you vivid imagery of the mental chemistry

That reveals that these bonds are more than elementary

This sin psychosis got them upping doses

Of that love from the world


I stored up treasures on the block

Where the corruption never stop

I should’ve vested with God

I lacked the gumption to rock

I lost it all

I urge y’all to watch

How I flipped it back

Ran streets where the swishers at

Tit for tat with the evils

Getting’ back

Hoped in dope

Cold, I know

I chose to go

Where the devil don’t

Are these enemies or friends of me?

They’re bending me all types of ways I shouldn’t

Black Nikes and hooded

Test me? I wouldn’t

See clear? I couldn’t

Truth or lie?

Truth or lie?

Choose right

Truth or die?

Christ put it all to rest

Dog I gotta testify…

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