Poetry,  Vic Stanley

Heavenly. . .

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.


Dope game,

I’ve seen it all

Seen the rise plus I’ve seen the falls,

Heart full of hate

I’ve seen them on those corners squeezing off (guns)

Heart full of love

I’ve seen it get taken advantage of

I’ve seen the pain

Plus I’ve seen the change

Good girls end up jaded

Good boys end up chasing that paper

They all get whored out

Ced’ told me “Life got us all Vic, no hold outs”

I’m spitting it quicker

You gotta realize there’s more to these pictures

It’s hurt in these words

Written by a mind that’s disturbed

I see the troubles of the world

Folks thirsty

They need something to quench their souls

They don’t want that religion of old

They ain’t interested in that Ancient of Days

They’d rather take the broader way down these tunnels

It’s no light at the end of them,

Judge taking lives as He sentence them

Why me?

That woman looked me in the face said

“Vic speak to my son,

He runs the streets too,

Same age as you,

But he won’t leave them alone,

You give me hope ‘cause God brought you home.

I pray he do the same for my kid.”

My words failed me

I had nothing to say,

It’s like her tears were streaming down my face

I wish I could give her son my place,

I’d willingly go back

Just to relieve her torture,

But where would that leave my momma?

Force her to relive that horror

Her child surrounded by that demonic aura…

All that aside,

Now days I sit solemn in my ride

As I cruise through the night

Youths that I knew back in time

Find no use for their lives

Ced’ told me, “Life got the best of us all.”

So I’m just wondering who the best of us are

Do you feel me?

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