Poetry,  Vic Stanley


Written by Victor Stanley Jr.


Ran from the game then I came back

Askin’ “Where the pain at?”

Look dog I gotta change that

From the sorrow to the joy and

These cats wanna make all this noise

To shut out the fear, in the silence that they’re trying to avoid

Maneuvers employed to build and destroy is a false theology

No life in that ecology

I murdered the dichotomy

That had my hands in evil, my thoughts in love,

But my plans deceitful,

The plug and the grams illegal

Love for my mans but this clan will eat you,

Watch life defeat you

I was snatched from the darkness,

Spirit said “Vic Christ receives you.”

“Let the light just lead you.”

Heck, let the righteous teach you

I thought they was holy

Just really want to hold me

Back from the track I was born to run

House of the Lord is filled with scorpions

They got divided tongues

That they pray and they curse with

Even I’m guilty of lies

Was pierced by the truth but filthy on my rise

Now days I need a little distance,

But not like them

This communal livin’ is a coward’s choice the way my peers present it,

I think it’s all resentment,

They don’t understand the monastery and the convent

They got it twisted,

All I see is selfish livin’

Insular thinking and nothing given

They manipulate the truth

Dog I came from pimpin’

So I know it well

All they do is show and tell,

But they never DO

Around here we show and prove

Put my hand to the plow

Down in the dirt, watch the Earth just move

I’m just a worthless dude

Grace from the King

You see what the purchase do

It made me priceless

I used to worship Isis

Hoping she’d bring me back from the dead

Something like Osiris

Too long I’ve been surrounded by liars

I’m talking in the church

More truth when I was moving work

Now all I see is false messiahs

Lord take me higher

I don’t wanna really wade through this

Does she love me or not?

She follows them, and it’s ugly to watch

My notoriety growing

I kind of want it to stop

I just want the simple things

A wife to love

Some kids to raise

A God to praise

I received the third one

That’s Christ in me,

But my life just be

Lacking something that I might just need,

I’ll find it later, right now my enemies

Got these knives at me,

They aim for the back,

Still, I got a little fight in me

Why the Devil keep trying me?

Why these women keep eying me?

Why these men keep plying me?

Why my people keep dying B?

Why all the irony

And the I.N.E.P.T. minds in these

Fools that we’re honoring

Why I can’t stop crying B?

Why I can’t stop crying B?

Look I can’t stop crying, see

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