Poetry,  Vic Stanley

Jesus Wept

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.




I puts it all together

Me and these hustler’s that used to ball together

Can no longer weather these storm together

My solution to dissolve these problems is a different type of solvent

All men will soon stand in awe when

The Lord stand before all them

Christ they rejected demands their respect and

They used to stand chest out on their own two feet

I was just like them,

Jesus was foreign to me,

Now I spend life with holes worn through jeans

Humbled to my knees

Praising this King

More than a 180 I used to worship my disease

Drone like bees

Wide-eyed searching for sin my queen

Talk a good game but possess no sting

Dilapidated life, no, sweet song to sing

Look I died as a black man

Was reborn as a black man

In between I was the sack man

Life before death in the trap, man,

Back then,

I celebrated my bondage

Paying the devil homage

Had the whole world,

But living is what I lacked man,

Life after death with Big Poppa

Son’s walk proper in perfection

Obedient unto death and

Expedient with that breath of life

Now it’s me who’s stepping right

That dead life I left,

Is a past life I guess,

I used to pass life for death,

Now it’s Christ life I rep (represent),

Living Christ-like and yes

Every song sounds the same

Tell you my story, a hundred different ways

They all end with Christ and drive the devil insane

I used to ride with the devil in lanes

That were littered with the bodies of lames

My legs too I couldn’t pump the brakes

It was strange ‘cause, I could floor the gas

Seems like, only half of me was infected

My soul yearning for hope

Dissolution in my flesh

Can I really blame the dope for all my wrongs?

I was born with a deranged mind

Trying to offer up my goodness

I became Caine in time

Same name I used to kill my people

White powder and ganja

Looking like a voodoo priest

Eyes bloodshot, ringing chickens, rain dancing

Trying to flood the streets,

I offered up my prayers at the altar of ME

See, man wants to be God, but has a finite reach

I believed these things until His divine might breached

The heart of a dead man now I’m Spirit led man

Careful how I tread man

Give you an earful of the words of Christ

I can’t help it, I gotta tell you about this lamb who was slain

And rose again

The mighty Lion of Judah

The one true ruler

I urge you to get in line with this truth bruh…

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