Poetry,  Vic Stanley

One Day…

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.


How could it all have come to this?

I remember days when I was young and bliss

Life removed the ignorance, it’s a, cold world

Destroyed my self-esteem as a youth

That’s why me, and my ‘ol girl could never get it right

Insecurities while securing these packs

But before all that I was knocked on my back

Pain in my frame it’s a shame drug dealer I,

Fit the image of everything they said I’d be,

Just a nigga…

I moves on from that

Demonic shadows on this path, I wonder if I’ll last

Air is thin here, try not to gasp

Shallow breaths,

still I exert myself

Running in place, I

overworked myself

Stuck in Hell,

my grave more than six feet deep

I dug the dirt myself, still I stand here worth something

Thanks to Christ’s loving…

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