Poetry,  Vic Stanley

Writing On The Wall

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.


Only customers around us hustlers

How you want it? I’ve been through some trouble bruh

I survived death’s nightmare during broad daylight,

Life’s right there, I refuse to reach out and touch it

Far more than stubborn ain’t budging ’cause I love it

No budget for this power you see

A gangster’s prestige is seething with greed

We impoverished the streets ’cause these souls that we eat

We don’t bother to keep,

We farming with seed that fills the gardens with weed,

Poppy plants and coca leaves,

You know the story how I got set free,

Now I commune with the saints and rock with Christ all week, but

These cultural Christians never find the truth that they seek,

Us, we’re sealed up in the Church I bet the roof won’t leak as these storms rain Hell

You can come to kill us, I bet these hearts won’t fell

Our hands touch sky as our minds read braille,

Minds in touch with God as the Spirit get felt,


What did you expect from me?

Now days there’s different reasons why cops will be arresting me

It’s illegal to speak this Gospel in the countries that we creep through,

We see you spewing venom into the pews, feeding the church folk prison food

They don’t live by the Rule of Faith, they’re more than fake

They distort the Lord and gorge their face

They love the taste of the hopeless fate they’re served on plates

By those who want a God in the form of They

I ain’t come here to fool with these false prophets

And their diabolic thoughts that they push for a profit

Your best life now means your futures grim,

Rendezvous with the reaper for the students of these teachers

We hit ’em with street sweepers to initiate the cleanup

Late night crews remove flesh from bone,

Skeletons ground to dust, bombs in ya home

We removing all memory of ya,

Now they dwell in outer darkness where the people weep and gnash their teeth

The ashes heap is built from the bodies of the haughty, the insolent and gaudy

See we pray for humility to live life Godly,

You hate us probably…

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