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    Day 34: So Close, Yet So Far Away

    Often we start strong and introspectively examine our lives as we march towards the cross with Jesus. However, this upcoming week may be the hardest time to do that despite how often times many churches will host multiple services throughout this week. If you're anything like me, this week is the time to grow impatient with Lent, to wish that it would just be over so we could go back to our "normal" lives.

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    Are We Living in the Post Postmodern?

    Written by Jeff Benson The other day I was having dinner with an old friend of mine, when we began to discuss modern-day high-school students and how they react to certain questions. Since I regularly meet with a group of students at youth group, I was able to add into the conversation some of my own observations regarding the types of questions students have begun to ask, and how this differs from what we previously understood to be the “postmodern generation”. It was through our conversation we both came to a similar conclusion, that we might be beginning to see shift from postmodernism to what some are calling post postmodernism…