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    Going to See the Big Guy… Maybe?

    Written by Dave Lenehan   “Going To See the Big Guy, Maybe.”  Sounds like an odd thing to say, doesn’t it?  I didn’t see it on a sign or in front of a church or at a flea market next to an old Texaco sign.  Those odd words are the epitaph on a veteran’s grave marker at the National Cemetery at Otis Air National Guard base on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  My Dad Roger is buried in the same section (45) as this man. How did I come across such an strange collection of last words?  When I visit my Dad’s gravesite, I like to walk around his section and read…

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    Why Marriage Matters

    In a previous piece titled "The Problem With Sex..." I spoke of how contraceptives and birth control serve to dismantle the family to a certain extent. This current article shows the significance of family and its purpose within a Christian context. In light of this it becomes more clear why stifling procreation within marriage is problematic.

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    Faith & The Law

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr.  In Luke chapters 18 and 19 Jesus encounters two wealthy men; the Rich Young Ruler and Zacchaeus. What is interesting about these two encounters is their relationship to the Old Testament law and the response each man has to Jesus. So let us look at the Law and how it comes to bear on the encounter each of these men had with Jesus as well has the life changing effect it had upon each of them.

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    MySelf Analysis: The Transformed Hustler

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. I grew up in a Christian home, my dad is currently the senior pastor of my home church, and was raised in an explicitly Christian community, which contributed greatly to who I currently am as a person. Today I would say that my Attachment Style is secure with some avoidant tendencies. However up to this point in my life I would say that I have just about, for an extended time, displayed each of the attachment styles. There are two major events in my life thus far that completely turned my world upside down, and veered the course of my personal, spiritual, and psychological development…

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    The Problem of Evil

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. The following is my personal theodicy, scriptural support is provided in the endnotes. How can an absolutely good God exist when there is evil in the world? This is the question posed by many who reject theism, and Christianity specifically. Many attempts are made to reconcile this tension between a good God and an evil world, and these explanations are called theodicies. Here I will present my own theodicy where I address the philosophical problem of moral evil, the philosophical problem of natural evil, and the religious problem of evil.

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    Bad To The Bone

    Written By Victor Stanley Jr. In Book I of St. Augustine’s Confessions he addresses the idea of original sin, that is the doctrine that man is born in sin, and is thus inherently wicked, corrupt, sinful, depraved, or various other terms that describe a similar state. In Book I, 7, 11 Augustine makes the statement that, “The only innocent feature in babies is the weakness of their frames; the minds of infants are far from innocent.”[1] This is a key doctrine in the Christian faith