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    Writing On The Wall

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr.   Only customers around us hustlers How you want it? I’ve been through some trouble bruh I survived death’s nightmare during broad daylight, Life’s right there, I refuse to reach out and touch it Far more than stubborn ain’t budging ’cause I love it No budget for this power you see A gangster’s prestige is seething with greed We impoverished the streets ’cause these souls that we eat We don’t bother to keep, We farming with seed that fills the gardens with weed, Poppy plants and coca leaves, You know the story how I got set free, Now I commune with the saints and rock…

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    Review of Shad Gill’s Svn7VII

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. While many in CHH—Christian Rap, Holy Hip-Hop, or whatever else you want to call it—are trying to figure out whether or not Reach is still unashamed; or if it should or should not be called Christian Rap; and at the end of the day attempting to find the genre’s identity, one person stands out as unconcerned with these things. He is simply making good music for himself and his fans.

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    More Than Music

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. The Futility of Waging War Against Music Music, and the arts in general, is one of my favorite topics to discuss endlessly. Anyone who has ever spent more than a few hours around me knows that the arts are a great passion of mine, so I want to briefly address an issue I have with the Christian community’s often misguided, and even unintentional war against the arts; specifically music.