• Poetry,  Vic Stanley

    Dummy Car

    I hear what y’all talking ‘bout | I’m thinking they wanna clone me | With some slight alterations and mental adjustments | To kill my rebellious spirit | I’m thinking they wanna own me. . .

  • Poetry,  Vic Stanley


    Y’all enamored by the fantasies contained in your reason | Hammered by insanity that’s restraining your thinking | Stammering and calamity is staining your speaking | Rambling and profanity and pain in your reaching

  • Poetry,  Vic Stanley

    From the Thorns

    I never really bothered with righting my wrongs | I just started living right |And watched my ills get gone | The past rolls on | My will is weak | But His Grace is strong. . .

  • Poetry,  Vic Stanley

    Far Left

    Somehow ended up here Where they amazed to learn that I used to run crack Took G to cook it He took me down south Crooked paths through them Carolinas a straight shot

  • Path of Death,  Poetry,  Series,  Vic Stanley

    Day 36: No Authority

    We’re on the road with Christ | Dust on our feet | Nothing to eat | Nowhere to lay our heads, no sleep. Coded pattern of speech that the goats can’t breach | Told them slatterns this king brings hope to thee | Us folks will shatter the dreams of these “popes” to be. They’re puppets on a string with no authority. . .