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    What’s In The Mirror

    The high school students walking into the auditorium didn’t realize that they were being set up. I had been invited to speak at a Christian high school in Bennington, VT. Prior to the kids walking in, I placed a full length mirror just inside the entrance, aimed to face them as they entered.  As they came in, I stood off to the side to watch their interactions with the mirror. Some simply walked by. Others stepped up to it to check their hair or makeup or clothes. Some stopped for a minute and pointed and smiled as if they were going to take a selfie (in the days before phone…

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    Day 6: Lessons of the Mirror

    "We are told to MAGNIFY the Lord. In this sense, we extol, or praise Him. This is different than MAGNIFYING my imperfections in a mirror. THAT type of “magnify” is to make something bigger, or grander than it actually is. See, we ought not to magnify ourselves in EITHER sense of the word. Will you allow me to invite you into a moment of equivocation? When we magnify HIM, we elevate Him to his proper place. We exalt. We praise. We adore. When we magnify ourselves, however, the same word changes meaning, and we make ourselves grander than we are..."