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    It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

    Recently I saw the trailer for an upcoming film talking about Mr. Fred Rogers and his work on Television. During the course of the film, journalist Tom Junod begins to profile Mr. Rogers and befriends the man through understanding the impetus behind why Mr. Rogers behaved the way he did. I watched the trailer, and with all the courage I can muster, I must say I bawled my eyes out thinking about such kindness and what it means to love people unconditionally. My mind immediately was drawn to the crucifix which hangs above my desktop monitor and I beheld my Savior who demonstrated the ultimate act of unconditional love by…

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    You Just Never Know

    As you read through Jesus’ interactions with people, it’s fairly easy to see a pattern in His approach.  I don’t mean that Jesus reaches out to each person in the same way.  By no means. In fact, each encounter we read in Scripture is different – unique to that particular person and circumstance.  But one thing we do see over and over again is that Jesus touches people – he connects with them.