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    Where Are You From?

    When you hear the phrase, “from the other side of the tracks,” what comes to your mind?  That phrase is typically used to describe someone from a bad part of town or maybe from a low income section of a city. It’s definitely not a positive phrase.  Did you know that the “other side of the tracks” idea is how many people saw Jesus in His day?

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    It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

    Recently I saw the trailer for an upcoming film talking about Mr. Fred Rogers and his work on Television. During the course of the film, journalist Tom Junod begins to profile Mr. Rogers and befriends the man through understanding the impetus behind why Mr. Rogers behaved the way he did. I watched the trailer, and with all the courage I can muster, I must say I bawled my eyes out thinking about such kindness and what it means to love people unconditionally. My mind immediately was drawn to the crucifix which hangs above my desktop monitor and I beheld my Savior who demonstrated the ultimate act of unconditional love by…

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    You Just Never Know

    As you read through Jesus’ interactions with people, it’s fairly easy to see a pattern in His approach.  I don’t mean that Jesus reaches out to each person in the same way.  By no means. In fact, each encounter we read in Scripture is different – unique to that particular person and circumstance.  But one thing we do see over and over again is that Jesus touches people – he connects with them.

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    Even the Pharisees Got Grace

    I would not have done well with the Pharisees.  After my second or third encounter with them, I would have lost it. I would have, in my Dad’s words, “blown my stack.”  Anger, rage, yelling, frustration, high blood pressure would have all poured out at the same time.  As I read through the Gospels, I lose patience with the Pharisees – one of several main Jewish religious groups of Jesus’ day – in a hot minute. But, Jesus does not.

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    Day 4: The Quilted Savior

    Written by Shane O’Neill   In the Fall of 8th grade, my Pop Pop died. That’s not uncommon, aging kills. But I hurt. Someone responsible for my life stopped living. The cold outside worked its way into me. That same month, that same cold Fall, my aunt died. She decided that life was too hard. She hoped there was something better in death and decided to find out. I think she just wanted the hurt to stop. She tasted the gun barrel and forever went away. I knew something was wrong here; does it get so hard that stopping is better? There were people left behind. They hurt. They hurt.…

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    Going to See the Big Guy… Maybe?

    Written by Dave Lenehan   “Going To See the Big Guy, Maybe.”  Sounds like an odd thing to say, doesn’t it?  I didn’t see it on a sign or in front of a church or at a flea market next to an old Texaco sign.  Those odd words are the epitaph on a veteran’s grave marker at the National Cemetery at Otis Air National Guard base on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  My Dad Roger is buried in the same section (45) as this man. How did I come across such an strange collection of last words?  When I visit my Dad’s gravesite, I like to walk around his section and read…

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    A Bindi

    Written by Dave Lenehan   We might call it a pebble, a piece of dirt, a thorn or a pine needle.  The Aussies – at least according to former Newsboy frontman Peter Furler – call it a “bindi.”  It is a tiny, sharp-needled seed usually found on the beach in Australia.  Used as slang, the word means that little pointy, prickly thing that sometimes gets stuck in our foot walking on the beach or in our shoe just walking around the neighborhood.  And while its actual size is usually small, it feels like a 6-inch thick arrow tip with spikes sticking out of it.   No matter how much you…

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    Sewn Into God

    Written by Dave Lenehan   If you’ve ever studied either of the apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, you know they are PACKED with incredible theology, encouragement, insight and tools equipping us as followers of Christ.  As I’ve been reading them again recently, I encountered some incredible passages from a fresh perspective.  2 Corinthians 5:4-7 is one of those sets of verses.  Read what Paul pens to his beloved church…remembering that this is actually Paul’s third letter to Christians in Corinth…his actual second one having been lost in history: “For while we are in this tent, we groan and are burdened, because we do not wish to be unclothed but to be clothed…