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    Day 5: Compassion And The Art Of Communion

    "Lent overall is a hard thing to walk through as a follower of Jesus. It requires us to look beyond ourselves and find one small thing that we believe could get in the way of following Jesus. It calls us to come and die and walk with Jesus through the story of His Passion. Furthermore, what I submit is the hardest part of Lent, it calls us to be vulnerable in community with one another as we are open about the struggle that sacrifice brings."

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    Blessed Are The Peacemakers

    In the Anglican tradition and others that are like it, there is in fact a specific portion in the service dedicated to “passing the peace.” While some may view this as an opportunity to shake someone’s hand with a smile and a greeting, the more ancient tradition reveals a time where Christian brothers and sisters are encouraged to confirm with one another that there is peace within the body and that all can approach the communion table in clear conscience.

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    Swimming The Tiber

    Written by Jeff Benson   INTRODUCTION In the history of Christendom there has always been a struggle for unity within local congregations in order that they might be able to form something greater than they could accomplish by themselves. Jesus in one of his final prayers asks that all believers “may be one”[1] and additionally notes that this is how “the world may believe that you have sent me”[2]. Historically the Catholic Church has sought to fulfill this prayer, by providing a single, unified body that is designed to work together as Christ intended.