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    Consciousness Community Part II

    Written by Adam Coleman In my last article, I laid out a context for what appears to be a growing problem in the black community. I discussed the lingering identity issue that seems to grip so many people of African descent and then illustrated how it poses a barrier to the spreading of the gospel as well as a stumbling block for many believers. With this article I provide a more detailed characterization of the sub-culture I have been referring to as the Consciousness Community/Movement (CC).

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    Some Thoughts On The Qur’an

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. The Qur’an is the sacred text of Islam, and with Islam being the second largest religion in the world behind Christianity it is a widely read book. The Qur’an is claimed to be the final revelation of God handed down to the prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The second Súra of the Qur’an is intended to condense the entirety of the teachings of the Qur’an into 286 Áyats[1], which in English would be best understood as a verse similar to how chapters of the Bible are divided. It presents several arguments for the validity and authority of the Qur’an, as well as reasons why…