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    ‘In His Own Likeness’

    It is commonly heard in Christian circles that humans were made “in the Image of God”. When pressed, however, it is unlikely that one will hear consistent and universal answers concerning the implications of humanity bearing God’s Image.

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    Who Am I?

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. Worldview Questions We hear many issues brought up when worldview is mentioned. There are all types of arguments to be had and debates to be fought. However, worldview, at its base, can be narrowed down to a few questions that get to the heart of the matter. These questions, when considered and answered, provide the basis for every other issue that comes out of the worldview debate. They are as follows:

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    Leadership & The Imago Dei Part I

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. Introduction What Is Leadership? Leadership is the process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Leadership is often thought of as a one-time event or opportunity, but it is actually a process over time that requires implementing methodology, building structure, and fostering relationships. Leadership requires that there be a group of individuals, known as followers, being led. The role of the leader is to motivate, mobilize, and equip his or her followers towards a shared vision, and the role of the follower is to buy into and carry out the vision presented by the leader. This means honoring and…

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    The Beginnings of Leadership

    Written By Victor Stanley Jr. Most Christian leaders would agree that they should look to Jesus as the example of a perfect leader. However, to truly understand what it means to lead like Christ, one must consider the theological implications of several doctrines. Three such doctrines that should inform a person’s idea of leadership are: man and the imago dei, the kingship of Christ, and the Trinity. While many begin a discussion on leadership by discussing the character traits of great leaders, how to cultivate those traits, and strategies for putting those traits to work, the Christian should start with two questions: who is God, and who is man.