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    Where Are You From?

    When you hear the phrase, “from the other side of the tracks,” what comes to your mind?  That phrase is typically used to describe someone from a bad part of town or maybe from a low income section of a city. It’s definitely not a positive phrase.  Did you know that the “other side of the tracks” idea is how many people saw Jesus in His day?

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    Who Was I?

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr.   Look I couldn’t breathe, still my chest heave weary from the death beat of a heart pushed to its limit running from life ignoring those church folk worked dope, up and down that mid-atlantic coast, doing the most just to boast that I was really about it life plans outed in an existence that was clouded by prayers to the darkness illuminated on the ember of a joint materialized in smoke, spoke to the air prince of which guarantees the success of these our faith in he just increase as he perfects deceit I moved with enemies of my soul’s belief I suppressed it,…

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    Who Am I?

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. Worldview Questions We hear many issues brought up when worldview is mentioned. There are all types of arguments to be had and debates to be fought. However, worldview, at its base, can be narrowed down to a few questions that get to the heart of the matter. These questions, when considered and answered, provide the basis for every other issue that comes out of the worldview debate. They are as follows: