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    By definition, grace is receiving what we don’t deserve. It’s fully lived out in God’s gift of his Son Jesus and Christ’s death and resurrection for our salvation.  But, have you also thought about grace as one of the prime motivators for you to live like Jesus?

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    Even the Pharisees Got Grace

    I would not have done well with the Pharisees.  After my second or third encounter with them, I would have lost it. I would have, in my Dad’s words, “blown my stack.”  Anger, rage, yelling, frustration, high blood pressure would have all poured out at the same time.  As I read through the Gospels, I lose patience with the Pharisees – one of several main Jewish religious groups of Jesus’ day – in a hot minute. But, Jesus does not.

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    “Genesis thru to the Maps”

    Comedian, singer and former member of the Bill Gaither Trio Mark Lawry always has a slightly different way of remembering experiences in his life.  He’s a good ole southern boy with a zany sense of humor, particularly about family and church. In of his comedy shows, he talked about his mom, a woman who was a great example of a Christ-follower.  According to Mark, she would often share the Gospel message with anybody, pretty much anywhere.  He said that his mom once got into a spiritual discussion with another woman at a grocery store.  In Mark’s words, she shared the Gospel, “from Genesis all the way through to the maps!” …

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    Day 7: Giving Up Heavy Burdens

    Written by Timothy Brophy II   I didn’t give up anything for Lent this year, at least not in the traditional sense. But before you start thinking that I’m a bad Anglican, let me explain. At first, I simply couldn’t decide on what to give up. In the past, my go-to things have been some type of food or social media. However, I recently finished a thirty-day diet, so I’m not too keen to abstain from certain types of food any time soon. I have also gone without most of my social media accounts for several months now, so that’s not an option either. Then, I began to wonder why…

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    My Father. . .

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr.   My father is a quiet man, and I’m like him in that way. My father is a pensive man, and I’m like him in that way. My father takes his time before he speaks, I am trying to be more like him in that way. My father is a humble and gentle man, and Lord knows He has a lot more work to do in me before I’ll be like my father in that way.

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    For By Faith…

    Written By Victor Stanley Jr. In Romans 3:21-4:25 the Apostle Paul presents an argument that, at the time, was radical, especially to his Jewish readers.[1] He states that the righteousness of God has not only been manifested in the here and now, but that it has been manifested apart from the law. Looking back at chapter 2 we see that the Jews believed that they were justified by being members of the covenant community via circumcision and obedience to the law, that is that these were the outward signs of those who belonged to the covenant.[2] And in the first half of chapter 3 Paul levels the playing field by…

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    The Inseparability of Grace and Mercy

    Written by Jeff Benson “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” ~Matthew 5:7  There is a deep question that we must address. Are we merciful? And from the beginning I should define what this means. I am not referring to the simple act of kindness towards our neighbor or a casual act. Rather I am referring to the kind of mercy that Jesus showed. The kind of mercy that reaches into the darkest parts of the world and extends love towards the unlovable, that forgives the unforgivable, and saves those who cannot be saved. This is the mercy that Christians should demonstrate, one that is sacrificial and actively…