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    Like Stories of Old. . .

    The greatest story ever told is not about a baby born in a manager in some forgettable little town in ancient Judea. Although, that particular story is part of the greatest story every told. No, the greatest story ever told is about the descendants of a sheep herder.

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    Why Marriage Matters

    In a previous piece titled "The Problem With Sex..." I spoke of how contraceptives and birth control serve to dismantle the family to a certain extent. This current article shows the significance of family and its purpose within a Christian context. In light of this it becomes more clear why stifling procreation within marriage is problematic.

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    A Brief Overview of Covenant Theology

    Written By Victor Stanley Jr. Though this system is rooted in ancient ideas, it was more fully systematized in the Westminster Confession of 1647. Those responsible for fleshing out the system of Covenant Theology include John Owen (d. 1683), Jonathan Edwards (d. 1758), and many of the other Reformers of the 16th century, and the Puritan theologians of the 17th and 18th centuries. The most foundational beliefs of this system can be narrowed down to four general concepts. First is that Covenant Theology is rooted in the ancient belief that the Church inherited Israel’s place as God’s chosen people. Second is that Covenant Theology views the Bible with the person…