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    The Bible & Team Leadership

    The leadership theory often associated with Christianity tends to be servant leadership. Jesus is often held up as a perfect example of the servant leader, and scripture implores Christians to follow his example. However, the leadership theory that seems to permeate the governing bodies of the people of God throughout scripture is team leadership. Team leadership is grounded in the Trinity, and also seen in the theocracy of ancient Israel and the government of the Church.

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    Book Review: Beyond Smells & Bells by Mark Galli

    Beyond Smells & Bells by Mark Galli is a wonderful entry-level book on Christian liturgy.  It paints an exciting picture of the hidden treasures afforded us by the various liturgical traditions.  Galli’s knowledge of and excitement for liturgy, coupled with his easy-to-read style, make this a “must read” for all those interested in exploring the liturgical elements of the western church.