Original poems, spoken word pieces, and lyrics from our contributors.

  • Poetry,  Vic Stanley

    Writing On The Wall

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr.   Only customers around us hustlers How you want it? I’ve been through some trouble bruh I survived death’s nightmare during broad daylight, Life’s right there, I refuse to reach out and touch it Far more than stubborn ain’t budging ’cause I love it No budget for this power you see A gangster’s prestige is seething with greed We impoverished the streets ’cause these souls that we eat We don’t bother to keep, We farming with seed that fills the gardens with weed, Poppy plants and coca leaves, You know the story how I got set free, Now I commune with the saints and rock…

  • Poetry,  Vic Stanley

    Who Was I?

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr.   Look I couldn’t breathe, still my chest heave weary from the death beat of a heart pushed to its limit running from life ignoring those church folk worked dope, up and down that mid-atlantic coast, doing the most just to boast that I was really about it life plans outed in an existence that was clouded by prayers to the darkness illuminated on the ember of a joint materialized in smoke, spoke to the air prince of which guarantees the success of these our faith in he just increase as he perfects deceit I moved with enemies of my soul’s belief I suppressed it,…

  • Poetry

    Dear American Christians…

    Written by Evan Meinke   Dear American Christians, We all need to admit there is a problem. We see it as every day hordes of our “Christian” Youth ‘walk away’ from the faith. What will we change? Dear American Christians, They see that we are fake, they have observed the façade. They see it in every component of our lives.