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    Day 20: Park The Car

    I firmly believe that life is best lived slowly and deliberately, like thoroughly chewing and tasting a meal bite by bite instead of simply stuffing yourself as quickly as possible. You can certainly see an awful lot of the world at sixty miles per hour, but you can only truly live where you are present, which is to say, where you’re rooted by your feet.

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    Day 19: New Life Through Death

    Modern life tries to avoid death by an alchemical process of staying young forever and exalting in youthful novelty. It’s not always the individual activities but the avoidance of a big fact: we need to grow up and death is inescapable!

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    Day 18: Life Through Death

    What Jesus is actually saying is that just like a grain of wheat must “die” so it can produce fruit, i.e. produce more grain, there’s also a type of dying we must experience as followers of Christ.  When we die to our flesh, or what can be termed the false self or the old person in us, then we can experience eternal life.

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    Day 17: Go Into The Garden

    Jesus has been gently inviting me again and again into this place where hope and despair collide and each time is met with greater mystery yet greater peace. The more I engage in that space with Him, the stronger the bookends grow.

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    Day 16: Fasting & Parenthood

    In seasons of daily self-denial it is enough to pray for your children and ask the Lord for his breath of life through the day. Parenthood is a years-long season of saying “no” to yourself, and it is okay, during Lent, to embrace a season of saying “yes”.

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    Day 15: Purple Clouds

    I’m just recollectin’ about life before I stepped in line with the Christ. Lime is the light we pursued through the night trying to change up life. Grasping at straws because our goals ain’t right. . .

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    Day 13: Upset Expectations

    Written by Wesley Walker Karma police I’ve given all I can It’s not enough I’ve given all I can But we’re still on the payroll   This is what you’ll get This is what you’ll get This is what you’ll get When you mess with us -“Karma Police” by Radiohead This morning’s Daily Office readings are Job 3 and Matthew 21:28-46. In the Job reading, the title character curses the day of his birth. Matthew features two stories: the story about two sons who are forgiven followed by the parable of the wicked tenants. The book of Job is a tale of loss, angst, and our proclivity toward self-justification making…

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    Day 12: Rest And Receive

    Art and Writing by Lauren Moisa I don’t think it was a coincidence that I injured my foot at the beginning of Lent. I started off the season planning to give up coffee to see how the Lord could replace my addiction. Although that seemed like a decent idea, He had a different plan in mind… While struggling with the challenges of my injury, I realized that Jesus was asking me to dig deeper and give up the real hindrances in my life: my quest for independence and my need for control. Now I’m forced to slow down. To ask for help. To receive. To rest. Above all, God is…

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    Day 11: Reese’s Cups and My Christian Identity

    Written by Cale Baker This Lenten Season, Jesus is using Reese’s Cups to teach me about my Christian identity. Or, the lack of Reese’s Cups, I should say. As I began Lent, I really didn’t know what to give up, so I thought about what I indulged in, and I realized that I was eating too much candy at work. A few of my coworkers have large bags of candy at their desks, and I was taking trips around the office with Reese’s in my hands just a little too often. It felt like a small vice, so I thought I’d make “no sweets” a Lenten fast. Before moving into…