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    On The Trinity

    When Chris Tomlin wrote the song entitled Indescribable, he was attempting to find the proper words to accurately portray the existential greatness of God. Undoubtedly, it was soon determined that mere words could not describe the true and glorious nature…

  • Poetry,  Vic Stanley

    Far Left

    Somehow ended up here Where they amazed to learn that I used to run crack Took G to cook it He took me down south Crooked paths through them Carolinas a straight shot

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    Unchanging God

    When someone keeps changing their mind about something – going in one direction and then switching back the other way over and over – we call them “fickle.”  If someone just cannot make up their mind about an issue or…

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    Blessed are the Forgiven

    Forgiveness and blessing are precious and wonderful things. Forgiveness relieves us of our guilt, it cancels out our wrongdoing, and it restores broken relationships. However, the question is this: How do we obtain Blessing? And, what does this forgiveness produce…

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    Loving Disagreement

    If you have ever expressed any type of views or opinions on any subject, whether it be ice cream flavors or your theological stance on soteriology, someone has undoubtedly challenged your views, and an argument has ensued. We have all…