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    Why Suffering???

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. For the next three days I will discuss three aspects of suffering that are often misunderstood, and thus make it difficult for the Christian to endure suffering as instructed in scripture. Romans 5 says this:…

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    The False Divide

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. In Peter Brown’s Augustine of Hippo the chapter titled “Populus Dei” the reader is taken into Augustine’s congregation. Even more than that, the reader is taken into the minds, attitudes, and lives of Augustine’s congregation…

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    Weak Christians

    Written By Victor Stanley Jr. In Harmless’ Augustine: In His Own Words chapter 3, of particular interest to me is an excerpt from St. Augustine’s Sermon 279. This excerpt deals with what Harmless calls ‘suspicious conversions,’ and specifically with the…

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    Forming Creation

    Written By Victor Stanley Jr. In Book XII of St. Augustine’s autobiography Confessions, the Bishop of Hippo seeks to discuss Heaven and Earth. Specifically in chapters two through eight Augustine deals with the idea of God endowing what he calls…

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    Pagan Worship

    Some thoughts on the role of music in a worship service: http://www.christianity.com/church/worship-and-hymns/is-your-church-worship-more-pagan-than-christian.html

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    Majesty In The Skies

    Written By Victor Stanley Jr. Theology & Culture In a story titled On the Hunt for a Sprite on a Midsummer’s Night New York Times contributor Sandra Blakeslee writes about sprites. Sprites are described as “majestic emanations of light that flash…

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    Bad To The Bone

    Written By Victor Stanley Jr. In Book I of St. Augustine’s Confessions he addresses the idea of original sin, that is the doctrine that man is born in sin, and is thus inherently wicked, corrupt, sinful, depraved, or various other…

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    The Passing of Pleasure

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. Theology & Culture In story published by Fox News, writer Michael Kaminer and photographer Marisa Scheinfeld discuss the Borscht Belt. The Borscht Belt is an area in upstate New York that “once epitomized glamour for…