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Victor Stanley Jr. is the president and co-founder of LOJ Ministries overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization. Vic leads some of our missions trips, teaches, guides the development of curriculum and training programs, and serves to keep LOJ focused on its mission to "Strengthen churches and Christians around the world to transform their communities." Apart from LOJ Vic writes extensively and also serves as a member of the vestry at his local church, Church of the Good Shepherd in downtown Lynchburg, VA. Vic simply desires to faithfully and humbly serve God wherever Christ may lead him.

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    Loving Disagreement

    If you have ever expressed any type of views or opinions on any subject, whether it be ice cream flavors or your theological stance on soteriology, someone has undoubtedly challenged your views, and an argument has ensued. We have all taken part in arguments, debates, disputes, disagreements, or whatever else you want to call them. While there is nothing inherently wrong with arguing, arguments often times lead to hurt feelings, animosity, and division.

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    A Loss Is Not A Loss

    When you fall off the bike and scrape your knee, you simply put some alcohol on it, bandage it, and hop back on the bike because you got places to go and life does not slow down for you to sulk in your failures.

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    The Bible & Team Leadership

    The leadership theory often associated with Christianity tends to be servant leadership. Jesus is often held up as a perfect example of the servant leader, and scripture implores Christians to follow his example. However, the leadership theory that seems to permeate the governing bodies of the people of God throughout scripture is team leadership. Team leadership is grounded in the Trinity, and also seen in the theocracy of ancient Israel and the government of the Church.

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    Day 36: No Authority

    We’re on the road with Christ | Dust on our feet | Nothing to eat | Nowhere to lay our heads, no sleep. Coded pattern of speech that the goats can’t breach | Told them slatterns this king brings hope to thee | Us folks will shatter the dreams of these “popes” to be. They’re puppets on a string with no authority. . .

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    Day 24: By Bread Alone

    The hunger I am experiencing is a hunger for the words of God, and by this I do not simply mean the Bible. No, it is a hungering to hear God speak, to hear Him expose my weaknesses to me, to make them ever more evident and to reveal more of them to me. This is not a degrading or debilitating thing, rather it is a relief because I do not have to work to keep up the strength to hide my weaknesses, to pretend that I am stronger than I really am.

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    For The Love of Others Part II

    "We serve by educating and mentoring those who are coming along behind us, we show them how to practice the faith and be shaped by those practices. We serve by demonstrating how the Gospel is suffused throughout every minute part of one’s life, that it is life. We serve by calling a person into a kingdom of people who are dying to self even as they live the life Christ has infused them with. We serve by praying for other, instructing them through transformational doing, and by cultivating an ecosystem of service to others."

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    For The Love of Others Pt. I

    One simple thing that has much gravity to it is St. Gregory’s assertion that ministry is focused on the “care of souls.” This focus should ground anyone’s philosophy of ministry and serves to shape what we will call the meaning, motives, essentials, and methods of ministry.