Dear American Christians…

Written by Evan Meinke


Dear American Christians, We all need to admit there is a problem.
We see it as every day hordes of our “Christian” Youth ‘walk away’ from the faith.
What will we change?
Dear American Christians, They see that we are fake, they have observed the façade. They see it in every component of our lives.
They see as American Christian mommy and American Christian daddy spend thousands on a vacation and maybe one hour a month at a soup kitchen.
They hear us as American Christians saying ‘We wish we could give more’ as they also hear the same brag about the lake house waiting for them after a weekly missions trip.
This is why I left you to begin with, and am struggling to stay with you now.
As Dear American Christians we’ll worry more about our right to bear arms than bearing our unsaved, broken neighbors burdens. We care more about what the Constitution says than what was breathed out by the creator. What Uncle Sam says is paramount in comparison to our Savior; we’ll have people packing in the pews of churches ready to kill enemies, when greater love hath no man than the antithesis of a self-reliant defense.
Dear American Christians, He tells us He is the water poured out, and that this living water is all that is needed to survive, and yet in vociferation, we demand wine. Wanting only the miracles, and not the man standing fixed on the peak of a mountain. Hands outstretched pouring blood onto all the boulders we call our ‘mistakes’.
We will pray our deep and rigmarole prayers, but only as a last resort, forgetting that pleading and craving a presence from a father is more than just conversation. There is life filled with an eternal and everlasting relationship that is only tapped into at our choosing; frequently if not always at signs of distress or desperation.
Dear American Christians, We won’t talk about how marriages fail in the ‘church’ similar to outside of it, or how rape and molestation are brushed under the rug to save the ‘churches image’. The dear American Church is absolutely saturated in pornography, and debauchery, and injustice. Just dying for some direction to point a gaunt and outstretched finger of blame.
So go ahead, picket abortion clinics, but how often do churches take care of the widows and orphans needing a helping hand walking through those doors? See, we will attack an action but never its problem causing root. It is pretty pathetic that women would rather suck their infant’s brains out than seek help from our judgmental gaze.
Oh ‘Great and Mighty’ American Christians, how can we reside with the poorest of the poor for a short time, and hours later, lounge in a gorgeous metropolis, gaze down and out at millions of the lowest of the low, knowing that every day, thousands of them will fall asleep to wake before a Just Being they have NEVER heard of, let alone met, and yet do nothing; thankful we aren’t one of ‘them’?
And it is interesting to me, oh American Church, That Jesus spoke directly to our faces in the Bible, and as Mark pens His response to our question of “How do we receive eternal life?” See we only want to get to Heaven, not serve or follow a Lord who responds to our question with “Dear American Christians” “Obey all the commandments, from the time you are young.”
So As dear American Christians we maintain purity, we don’t cuss, stop watching porn, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t murder, we don’t disobey, don’t honor, don’t love, don’t reach out to those different, don’t worry about anyone else’s comfort but our own, Building our ‘Christianese’ empire searching after Satan’s greatest and most successful lie.
The ‘Great’. American. Dream.
The concept that we can build for ourselves idols so great that no matter what tragedy is bestowed upon Life’s plate, we can fall head first into them to satisfy and fulfill.
As Great American Christians we are ‘willing’ to sell everything we have to help the poor, but we won’t, because, and I quote, “I don’t feel God is calling me to give it up” even though He spoke straight to our faces, saying, ‘Give up everything you have, sell it, and care for the poor and the weak.’
So Sell all our Great American Churches speakers, sell the light sets, sell the comfy chairs, sell all our million dollar houses with one room used, have a normal car, one house, sell all of the things that bind our hearts, bind our insecurities and makes us feel complete. Searching for Love in all the wrong places, filling our infinite voids with finite toys.
We see right through it Oh American Church, We the youth want something real, we want something that we can pour our very everything into. We are imploring you for something higher that believes in us, and you are not offering it to the youth of this generation. You didn’t and don’t and refuse to care for those “beneath” you, I.E. the homeless, the broken, the fatherless, the elderly, the unloved, the ‘unclean’, and dare I say those of a different color than you. So we will live lives saturated with pleasures and loves and gods, finding we can never find one worth really investing and plunging into.
You will debate your American Christian irrelevant doctrine for hours, wasting them and robbing them from those in your own homes who need daddies love. Then are confused and angry when your opinions and love mean nothing to the ones who have found belonging in the arms of a loving bottle or beautiful syringe. You’ll cry and scream in the face of God when things don’t go as planned, thinking your plans really mattered in the first place, not recalling that His is the only one worth following.
We have forgotten our Great American Christian first Love, Our first and only job, to tell others without ceasing that there is a Jesus of Nazareth, who died on the cross, rose again, and is relentless and recklessly pursuing hearts to change them into His.
Dear American Christians, I’m thinking of changing us, into you, and we into them.
Because Dear American Christians, One day I will stand before a just and Holy God, Seeing all the ‘Talents’ and ‘privileges’ and opportunities I had to show Him off, what am I going to say to the all-powerful, almighty, and righteous Lord of all?
“Look God at the Beach House’s deck! Isn’t it pretty?” or “how about the new carpet in the sanctuary? Do you like its color?” “This brand new car is pretty sweet” “Don’t Worry God, I did devotions for 15 minutes every morning, and went to church.”
Dear American Christians, The biggest fear in life, should not be failure, It has to be being successful in something absolutely meaningless, Standing before a Just and Holy God, hearing the words “You wicked, lazy, servant, depart from me, I. Never. Knew. You.”
Dear American Christians. This comes from the heart of one grown in your system from his very beginning, and one who doesn’t know if he should still follow your crowd.
Dear American Christians, I Love Jesus, more than you will ever know, and hate your apathy more than I can fathom.
Dear American Christians, with yearning, and genuineness from a tattered heart – The fed up.

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