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    God Isn’t Concerned With Our Happiness

    To many, this notion is upsetting and appalling. Many in our culture immediately stir up a counter argument against this idea by contending that God created us in His image, emphasizing that emotions are an important part of our overall being, which must mean that they are important to our Creator. Although this is very true, the argument doesn’t logically conclude that God is ultimately concerned with our happiness. 

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    By definition, grace is receiving what we don’t deserve. It’s fully lived out in God’s gift of his Son Jesus and Christ’s death and resurrection for our salvation.  But, have you also thought about grace as one of the prime motivators for you to live like Jesus?

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    Where Are You From?

    When you hear the phrase, “from the other side of the tracks,” what comes to your mind?  That phrase is typically used to describe someone from a bad part of town or maybe from a low income section of a city. It’s definitely not a positive phrase.  Did you know that the “other side of the tracks” idea is how many people saw Jesus in His day?

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    It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

    Recently I saw the trailer for an upcoming film talking about Mr. Fred Rogers and his work on Television. During the course of the film, journalist Tom Junod begins to profile Mr. Rogers and befriends the man through understanding the impetus behind why Mr. Rogers behaved the way he did. I watched the trailer, and with all the courage I can muster, I must say I bawled my eyes out thinking about such kindness and what it means to love people unconditionally. My mind immediately was drawn to the crucifix which hangs above my desktop monitor and I beheld my Savior who demonstrated the ultimate act of unconditional love by…

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    You Just Never Know

    As you read through Jesus’ interactions with people, it’s fairly easy to see a pattern in His approach.  I don’t mean that Jesus reaches out to each person in the same way.  By no means. In fact, each encounter we read in Scripture is different – unique to that particular person and circumstance.  But one thing we do see over and over again is that Jesus touches people – he connects with them.

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    On The Trinity

    When Chris Tomlin wrote the song entitled Indescribable, he was attempting to find the proper words to accurately portray the existential greatness of God. Undoubtedly, it was soon determined that mere words could not describe the true and glorious nature of YHWH God. As the rest of the song’s lyrics suggest, Tomlin is mainly referring to the power God has, and how wonderfully and mightily it is demonstrated through His actions.

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    Far Left

    Somehow ended up here Where they amazed to learn that I used to run crack Took G to cook it He took me down south Crooked paths through them Carolinas a straight shot

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    Unchanging God

    When someone keeps changing their mind about something – going in one direction and then switching back the other way over and over – we call them “fickle.”  If someone just cannot make up their mind about an issue or what path to take, we call them “indecisive.”  I don’t like to admit it, but there have been many times in my life when I have been both fickle and indecisive in my faith in Christ.  I’m not referring to not knowing if Jesus truly is the only way to forgiveness and eternal life.  I am 100% rock solid about that.  I also fully believe that God loves me, cares…