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    Never Die

    Y’all caught up in machinations | That these dubious cats are creating | And truly it’s actually flagrant | How much they seek validation…

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    Journal on Confessions: Week 3

    We, as mere humans, spend so much time debating over topics which the majority of us have difficulty understanding in the first place. Inevitably, the greatest minds of humanity will spend their lives studying certain philosophical subjects on an existential level: debating the very fabric of reality itself. Their lives are spent toiling through constant contemplation and study for understanding of the reality in which we have involuntarily been placed, and each come to very differing and mostly contradictory conclusions.

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    What’s In The Mirror

    The high school students walking into the auditorium didn’t realize that they were being set up. I had been invited to speak at a Christian high school in Bennington, VT. Prior to the kids walking in, I placed a full length mirror just inside the entrance, aimed to face them as they entered.  As they came in, I stood off to the side to watch their interactions with the mirror. Some simply walked by. Others stepped up to it to check their hair or makeup or clothes. Some stopped for a minute and pointed and smiled as if they were going to take a selfie (in the days before phone…

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    IF. It’s a very small word.  When I took a computer science course in college, I wrote a lot of ‘ifs’ while attempting to learn the Pascal programming language.  Typically, a programmer would write, “if this happens…Then this should happen.”

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    Journal On Confessions: Week 2

    Even when you read authors you do not agree with, it opens your eyes to thoughts and perspectives you have not heard before. Of course, this can help you in nuancing your own views of things.

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    Journal On Confessions: Week 1

    The issue of Faith and Reason has been an integral part of my thoughts and discussions since becoming a Christian. In fact, even prior to my conversion, one of the main issues keeping me away from religion in general was the idea that one had to believe in things they cannot outright prove. For many years, this aspect was a difficult pill for me to swallow.

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    On The Job On 9-11

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, Father Mychal Judge was on duty. A Franciscan friar and Catholic priest, Judge served as Chaplain for the New York City Fire Department (FDNY).  According to reports, when Judge heard that the first tower of the World Trade Center was hit by a plane that fateful morning, he rushed to the site. He joined then New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who asked him to pray for the city and its victims.  Father Judge also stopped and prayed over the bodies of victims that were lying in the streets below the burning tower.