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Day 38: Bend

Written by Father Mike Kunzinger

He is sent to serve, to condescend, to bend
He bends to a manger
He bends to flesh
He bends to be a man
He will bend to death

He bends to bring a Kingdom
He bends to call
He bends to gather both great and small
He bends to proclaim
He bends to tell of salvation in his name

He bends to write in the sand
with his finger, enfleshed hand
He bends before those who desire her demise
They all walk away to her surprise

He bends to pardon
He bends to heal
He bends to become our meal

He rose from supper only then to bend again
To stoop to wash
To wash and wipe
They wouldn’t understand what he did that night

I have bent to wash and so should you
I’ve given you an example of what to do
A new command I’ve given you
That you should bend to serve and love too

A new commandment I give to you
That you love one another
Just as I have loved you

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