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Day 29: The Story Continues

Written by Jeff Benson

I decided to write this post this cool Monday morning as I looked out my window and noticed that the fog, which had lazily rolled in the night before, is now being lifted, or should  I say burned in the light of dawn.

I recently decided to give it a shot to get up at 5:30AM as a practice to have more time in the morning. While this may at first seem difficult, please also understand that I am typically a person who is more productive at night, so that compounds on top of my already reluctant desire to get out of bed that early in the morning, when even the earth herself is still dark with sleep. While I do confess that having my alarm go off at 5:30AM has rarely triggered me actually rising at that hour, I discovered something about the early morning. The morning, just before the light breaks, there is an almost tangible peace to be had.

Now for some who have crossed this blog this may come as no shock, since you are reading this early in the morning after waking, going for a jog and finishing your taxes. Others (and I too fall in this category) find this to be a bit of a small revelation of God’s goodness to us. It is in these moments that I find myself most apt to pray and in that praying to be actively listening to the voice of God and His plan for me. It would almost seem as if, much how the atmosphere physically shifts at twilight, the atmosphere spiritually is different during the twilight moments.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the grand story of Christianity and how our modern church is connected back to the historical church that exists throughout time. I find it interesting how there are so many of our generation who look at the present situation of things and believe that this is all there is. In our modernist understanding, we have conflated the observable with all that exists within reality. I would disagree with this sentiment, since there is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism which oversees the entire Church (Ephesians 4:5). Additionally, I have noticed this leads to some pretty small thinking about the story that we are a part of. Each of us as individual followers of Christ live in our day to day lives, but there is something at work which is so much bigger than ourselves. We are the continuation of the story of the church, and we continue to pick up the baton left from those before us and carry it to those who will come after us (Hebrews 12:1-2).

This is not an optional premise friends. We are compelled as members of Christ’s church to love and serve our world, and to continue to participate in the story that has been set before us. Let this not be something that sounds restrictive or binding to you. Rather, recognize the freedom that comes from following in the footsteps of those who came before us, and the beauty of carrying forth the traditions laid out such as this lenten season.

As I finish up this writing, I am beginning to notice the fog disappearing. The tops of the trees are now visible, and I can see across the back of my house to the small clearing on the other side of a forest. One could almost say that the fog was a veil which blinded me to seeing through to the other side, but the shining light of the Son has burned that fogginess away and made it very clear how much the property behind my house is connected.

The fog has been lifted friends. The story continues.

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