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Day 19: New Life Through Death

Written by V. Santini

Modern life tries to avoid death by an alchemical process of staying young forever and
exalting in youthful novelty. It’s not always the individual activities but the avoidance of a big
fact: we need to grow up and death is inescapable! Listen to the music, watch a movie, or read
most magazines in the grocery store and you will be hit with the problem of modern society.

During Lent we are to remember our mortality, Christ’s death, and resurrection. Christians
are called each year to grow up and be willing to die to those things that keep us from God. We
have a call to die, so that we might truly live. We are called to carry our cross, and to be buried
with Christ. We die in baptism to live a new life, we die to sin that we may live to God, we die
on earth to live again in the resurrection.

We have a God that conquers death and calls us to a new life. Don’t run from pain, face it.
Don’t avoid your mortality, live knowing your days are numbered. Enter into the power of
Resurrection life by first dying through the transforming waters of baptism. Work out your
salvation with fear and trembling. So that one day when we die we will be glorified to live with
God eternally.

“Lent is a journey into death, a death that will result in a new birth, a spiritual beginning
again for during Lent we journey into an event that not only happened in history as an
actual occurrence that changed history but an event that happens within us. Christ
conquered death, turning our death to sin into a resurrection to the fullness of life in the
spirit, which is available to us through faith. But this new life is not a mere proposition
or a thing out there to be observed, analyzed, and systematized, it is to be experienced.
It is a real, life changing experience that shapes our vision of reality, informs our
relationships, forms our values, puts us in touch with transcendence, and causes us to
experience the spiritual dimension of life itself.”1


1 Robert Webber Ancient-Future Time: Forming Spirituality through the Christian Year p.96

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