Guest Contributors,  Path of Death

Day 12: Rest And Receive

Art and Writing by Lauren Moisa

I don’t think it was a coincidence that I injured my foot at the beginning of Lent. I started off the season planning to give up coffee to see how the Lord could replace my addiction. Although that seemed like a decent idea, He had a different plan in mind…

While struggling with the challenges of my injury, I realized that Jesus was asking me to dig deeper and give up the real hindrances in my life: my quest for independence and my need for control. Now I’m forced to slow down. To ask for help. To receive. To rest.

Above all, God is teaching me how to live out my trust in Him. He invites me to pause, hold out my hands, and be filled by His living water. If I’m not on guard, I begin to slip away from dependence on Him toward a dangerous path of self-reliance. So, I’m going to surrender with still hands and open palms, and I’ll wait to see what He creates. Maybe next year instead of asking myself, “What should I give up?” I’ll say, “Lord, what are You going to reveal to me?”

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