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Day 15: Purple Clouds

Purple Clouds

Written by Vic S. 

Music by DopeBoyzMuzic


Is it all timeless?

Can I live where my mind is?

Does this all exist?

Is this all there is?


There’s more to see

A lot more to them,

But, is there more to me?


I was warned you see

That this life we chase

Would never please

Buy it all and never lease

Live life like we’ll never leave

But this could never be

Summer weather cease

Seasons where death and the devil creep

Keep approaching me…


There’s disdain in her eyes

‘Cause the pain do rise

When thoughts of me appear to her mind

I’m all across state

On my way…

I’ll never arrive

I’m on my grind

Got love for you

But you cain’t love me

My love runs deep

Your love has needs that I cannot meet


C’est la vie

I’m alone just me

That’s how it’ll always be

Until I rest in peace

I live this war

Yet see defeat

No more no more

That’s right that’s right

All lefts no rights

No days just nights,

No days

Just nights…


I came back from the dope packs

Where them thugs at

Serving cold wraps

No hope that we could go back

To where it all began

Innocence? Lost that,

That’s why we smoke that

To get our minds gone

It leaves us torpid

Like, do we really want this?


Gotta find a way out

I’m so phlegmatic

Calm, cool, collected

I’m just recollectin’

‘Bout life ‘fore I stepped in

Line with the Christ

Lime is the light we pursued through the night

Trying to change up life

Grasping at straws

‘Cause our goals ain’t right


Distracted by the lies

Trapped in our demise

As we’re wrapped up in the ride

That’s fueled by our pride

And propelled by our greed

A distortion of our needs

‘Cause this earth’s all we see…


The world applies pressure,

Better believe we push back

Some push fame

Some push crack

Some sling success, politics, and false fact

Some flip sex

Some flip dope

Some write checks

From wealth gained off the backs of the oppressed

They offer empty love

That cost more than most can’t afford when they come to collect


So I cut my ties

Renounced my name

Defected from my country

And bounced from the game

I threw myself down at the gates of a kingdom

Crying out, “I’m wretched searching for freedom”


I was embraced by this king

And for the first time I’m breathing



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