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Day 8: Clarity (When Night Comes)



Clarity (When Night Comes)

Written & Performed by Vic


Pondering this aimless wandering

Taking the direction I envisioned in my dreams,

False starts with schemes that left me looking lean

Didn’t bring the furtherance to deliver me

From the drift of the day to day

The mundane traffic patterns I couldn’t navigate

Got me stuck in the right lane

I’m trying to get left one

And step one distance farther along that path to freedom

Trapped in the order of the lowly proletariat

Precarious advancements on quicksand in various locales


Dubious characters

The same as hieroglyphical mystical

Cut in the physical mental of the masses

Giving rise to the evil mindstate of the pharaohs

Declaring they’re gods

Peace lord

Trying to corrupt five percent of me

Son of the morning wants another eight to fold on the path to enlightenment

You gotta give 33 on the rise when you’re trying to master the craft

Live a hundred lives, reincarnated

Reality fabricated by thetans

Matter don’t exist when you apply this Christian science

Or supreme mathematics


See I realized this is all false religion,

My faith’s in God

Life through Christ guided by the inerrant scriptures

These other texts look odd

How you really want it?

I’m barred from the cipher

Because kicking this knowledge forces the shallow rhymer to dive in the deep end

My thoughts were submersed from my birth

The Hellenistic culture that breeds this

Humanistic worldview is in my sights when I give these words life

So I had to leave behind my peregrination

To the illuminated darkness of the blind secular nation

Tasting and recognizing just how good grace is


El Roi seeing me through,

Perfection in Christ He’s leading me to

Lack of vision apart from Him

Because this VVS clarity’s a rarity

Reserved for a path that’s narrowing

The broad and wide requires no discretion in your stride

Plus I’m only finding failure in my pride

Misinterpreting the meaning of the tithe

Giving no funds and only ten percent of my time

Instead of all in cards face down going blind

It’s dawning on my mind

Christ’s footsteps next to mine

His counsel be my sight

If left to my own devices

How soon death would become my plight


I need to requisition my time to trace the Word

The evils it speaks of taste the worst

Because it mirrors my face

The hurt

Knowing I could never live up to the standard

Joy in the fact that them nails were hammered

Through hands and feet

Tool swung by the hand of me

I knew not what I did

But He rose in life and handed death defeat

Granted me forgiveness, love, redemption

Outside of understanding peace


That’s peace beyond comprehension…

Are you comprehending???




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