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    Is a Church That Believes Baptism Is Not Commanded a True Church?

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. In Romans 6 Paul hinges his entire argument on the correlation between physical baptism and spiritual rebirth. From this one can conclude that baptism should not merely be regarded as a surface level tradition done simply because it is what Christians do. Rather baptism carries with it much significance as it connects the believer, even if only symbolically, with Christ in his death and resurrection.

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    The Inseparability of Grace and Mercy

    Written by Jeff Benson “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” ~Matthew 5:7  There is a deep question that we must address. Are we merciful? And from the beginning I should define what this means. I am not referring to the simple act of kindness towards our neighbor or a casual act. Rather I am referring to the kind of mercy that Jesus showed. The kind of mercy that reaches into the darkest parts of the world and extends love towards the unlovable, that forgives the unforgivable, and saves those who cannot be saved. This is the mercy that Christians should demonstrate, one that is sacrificial and actively…

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    Review of Supremacy

    I have long been a fan of Russ Shanks, and so I was eager to hear his latest effort titled Supremacy. Russ is never flashy, yet he raps with a skilled subtlety that forces the listener to be very attentive in order to catch the meanings in his bars. On the track Dragon’s Lair Russ enlists the help of fellow emcee Sho, who delivers these lines “Is he a Christian Rapper? I’m an emcee…” and “[There’s] No writer’s block when coming from experience.” These sum up the approach Russ takes with this project as he tackles topics such as police brutality, racism, false piety, enduring in the faith, and much…