Christian Leadership: The Good Shepherd

Written by Victor Stanley Jr.* Ezekiel 34 paints a picture of the wicked and unfaithful shepherds over Israel. These shepherds misled the people and took advantage of them. They allowed the “sheep” to remain weak, lost, sick, and desolate, only taking care of themselves and gaining off of the spiritual destruction of the children of Israel. In John 10 Jesus says that the shepherd who came before him were thieves who came only to kill and destroy which is what God accused the leaders of Israel of in Ezekiel 34. These shepherds Jesus speaks of in John 10 abandoned the sheep and left them to be devoured by wolves, again the shepherds over Israel are said to do the same thing in verse 5 of Ezekiel 34. So both passages show the failure of those God appointed over his people prior to Christ’s coming. (more…)

By The Double Edge, ago