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    The Problem of Evil

    Written by Victor Stanley Jr. The following is my personal theodicy, scriptural support is provided in the endnotes. How can an absolutely good God exist when there is evil in the world? This is the question posed by many who reject theism, and Christianity specifically. Many attempts are made to reconcile this tension between a good God and an evil world, and these explanations are called theodicies. Here I will present my own theodicy where I address the philosophical problem of moral evil, the philosophical problem of natural evil, and the religious problem of evil.

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    It has been a couple months since my last post. I have been traveling, vacationing, and working some crazy hours the last couple of months, and did not have the time to commit to writing; but not to worry, I will be resuming my writing within the next week. I look forward to the encouragement, criticism, debate, agreement, and so on from all you who read my blog. Unfortunately Tuesday Topic Live will not be resuming, but we may potentially do special broadcasts to address certain issues. However, my blog, “The Double Edge,” will feature several guest writers, some of who appeared on Tuesday Topic Live. So add me to…