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    God’s Pruning and Appointing

    When we first moved into our home here in Lynchburg, the bushes at the front of the house were a mess. They were overgrown, too tall, too wide and looked like they hadn’t been cared for in a long time.  My first thought was to just chop them all down and start over, but that wasn’t very smart and would have been very expensive.  Instead, over the past three years, I’ve gradually trimmed them, cut them back and broken off all of the dead branches that were tangled up in the middle of those bushes.  Now, three years later, they are starting to look less like a forest and more…

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    Loving Disagreement

    If you have ever expressed any type of views or opinions on any subject, whether it be ice cream flavors or your theological stance on soteriology, someone has undoubtedly challenged your views, and an argument has ensued. We have all…

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    A Loss Is Not A Loss

    When you fall off the bike and scrape your knee, you simply put some alcohol on it, bandage it, and hop back on the bike because you got places to go and life does not slow down for you to…

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    The Bible & Team Leadership

    The leadership theory often associated with Christianity tends to be servant leadership. Jesus is often held up as a perfect example of the servant leader, and scripture implores Christians to follow his example. However, the leadership theory that seems to…

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    ‘In His Own Likeness’

    It is commonly heard in Christian circles that humans were made “in the Image of God”. When pressed, however, it is unlikely that one will hear consistent and universal answers concerning the implications of humanity bearing God’s Image.

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    Bottom Line For God

    You are an important part of the Kingdom. How you serve God and why your serve Him starts with having the right heart to serve. As church techs, technical artists, or technical leaders—whatever title we wear—God needs our hearts in…